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All About Sugar: A Collection of Blog Articles All About Sugar

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All About Sugar All About Sugar

Whether you are living with Fructose Malabsorption or not sugar is a hot topic right now.  We see stories on the news and in print about safe and unsafe sugars.  In social media platforms we are bombarded with countless marketing campaigns for low sugar, no sugar, and healthy sugar products.  Walk into your local bookstore and you will find a multitude of cookbooks all dedicated to sugar:  from decadent desserts to no sugar diets.  

As a 42 year old who loves to cook, bake, and go out to eat with girlfriends how am I supposed to live?  

How much sugar should I eat each week and what type of sugar should I use when I am baking and cooking for my family?  

I do not have all of the answers.  Each of us is different and we each have a unique gut voice.  What works for me may not work for you.  What my family likes to have for dinner and dessert may not be your family's first choice.  

But, I do think we all have a lot in common.  We like to celebrate birthdays, retirements and even Fridays.  We enjoy dinners out with friends, dinners in with friends; and ice cream on a hot summer night or fresh hot cookies straight from the oven on a cold winter night.  

I think we all crave balance.  We want to live a healthy life, but we don't want that life to be so restricted.  We want to celebrate with our friends and family; and also know that we are making choices that will keep us around for a long time to enjoy these celebrations.

How can we find this balance?  

We need to understand how our body processes sugar, how sugar is hidden in convenience foods and how all types of sugar are not created equally.  

At our house we LOVE to bake!  I think baking a treat from scratch adds to the celebration.  When my daughter and I bake we make a big mess in our kitchen, laugh a lot, and experiment with flavors and textures.  When the timer dings and we remove our creation from the oven we celebrate our accomplishment or our baking failure.  


Families Balancing Fructose Blog Articles All About Sugar:

Cliff Notes on Sugar Digestion:  a brief summary of how sugar is digested in our gut and tips on how to avoid the a Fructose Volcano

What Millennials Can Teach Us About Sugar:  My 26 year old cousin, a millennial, has taught me the importance of advocating for my gut and my overall health through food choices and intentional living.  It is all about balance.

How To Read a Label:  tips on how to read a label including 3 questions you should ask yourself every time you look at a food label and what man-made sugars are not safe choices

C Encyclopedia, Coconut Sugar:  my research results and an "encyclopedia entry" regarding the pros and cons of coconut sugar


Sugar and Chronic Inflammation:  why excess sugar intake can cause chronic inflammation in your entire body, not just your gut


Grace's Favorite Products and Recipes:  My daughter, Grace, has Fructose Malabsorption.  She is a healthy, thriving, 11 year old.  Grace enjoys baking, eats real sugar and balances her sugar intake each day.  Grace has learned that glucose is like a spaceship helping transport fructose in her body.



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