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Breadsmith Bakery

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Breadsmith Bakery Breadsmith Bakery

Families Balancing Fructose prefers to purchase our bread at our local bakery, Breadsmith.  Breadsmith bakes all of their products from scratch each and every day using the freshest ingredients.  My daughter, Grace, loves their country white bread for school lunch sandwiches.  Check out my article on why, "It's ok to give your child white bread" on the "Families and Fructose" page on this website.  Please share with us your favorite local bakery.



National Pretzel Day, April 26th:

We love Breadsmith's pretzel buns.  For a quick, easy, and healthy dinner I make Ellie Krieger's Smoky Smothered Porkchops with a bell pepper, celery and bacon sauce and serve it on a pretzel bun.  My family loves it!  Serve it with a small side salad and you have a complete balanced meal on the table in under 30 minutes.



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