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For the last few years I have really wanted to start taking vitamin and mineral supplements.  Why haven't I started?  What is holding me back?

Anxiety is preventing me from taking this step.  I have extreme apprehension about adding anything to my gut and honestly an outright fear of a negative gut response.  

Will the supplements change my gut flora that I have worked so hard to rebuild?  Can supplements cause Fructose Volcanoes?  I definitely do not want to take anything that will challenge my unique gut and set it off in a downward spiral.  I have worked so hard to find gut balance, and am so proud of my happy, healthy insides.

Two years ago I experimented with supplements and started using Vitamin D drops in the winter knowing that most Minnesotans lack Vitamin D.  Why? Because we live in a tundra and the only sun we see for 6 months is when we run like a penguin between our car and the grocery store and work.  A few weeks into the supplements I stopped taking them because I didn't feel any different and my gut unrest anxiety was at an all time high.  

My Fructose Malabsorption is definitely under control compared to 10 years ago.  The original symptoms that caused me to find a diagnosis have mostly disappeared.

Since changing my diet:

my gut is no longer irritable everyday;

my joints do not ache (unless I play too much basketball with my teenage son);

I do not feel like my brain is living in Seattle like fog;

and I don't constantly look pregnant due to excessive bloating.

But, I hold on to this foreboding fear that my FM is going to smack me in my face and rear up again.  Yes, I feel healthy, but I fret and get flustered evaluating how I feel each and every day.

I intuitively know I need to take supplements because I still struggle with fatigue. Yes, I can get though the day for the most part without yawning, but at night I am just plain tired, even exhausted some evenings.  

My family jokes that I have narcolepsy. Truly, I actually feel that way. I can fall asleep anywhere without warning if it is after 8:00 pm. Just last Saturday I feel asleep in an Uber talking to a good friend. One moment I am laughing and the next moment out cold. My friend is totally used to this. I have fallen asleep on her couch, my couch, and on countless couches on family vacations.

Why am I still so tired?  What am I missing?  How can I find out for me quantitatively what my body is missing?  How can I take the guesswork out of this mystery?  If I scientifically, on a cellular level knew what I was missing I think I would be less scared to take the supplements.

I have actually never walked into a vitamin shop and avoid the supplement isle at the grocery store.  It's like a sneaky dragon is living in the isle luring me, nudging me to sample, badgering me to face my fear.  Clearly, I have a few issues.

Recently, I reached out to my dietitian because I was ready to face my supplement fear head on.  It's time for action.  

My dietitian came to my rescue, like a "knightess" in shining armor wielding the information I needed.  

There is actually a quantitative, scientific test that uses my own blood and white blood cells to check for missing micronutrients.  In my world this means I have unlocked the secret door to less anxiety and a better understanding of me and my unique gut.  My dietitian calmed my fears, is on my team and had a solution.  I can with scientific help determine what my unique gut needs.  I can remove the guesswork, the fear of the unknown and fuel my body.  Hallelujah!

Last week I received my results.

I am deficient in B12 and Chromium.

I am borderline deficient in Zinc, Selenium, D3, Folate and something called Pantothenic.  

To be honest, I am not sure what it all means.  

Are there any connections to Fructose Malabsorption and these deficiencies?

What's the chicken and what's the egg?  Am I deficient in B12 because my body was made that way and that deficiency messes with sugar digestion process?  Or, did my days of gut unrest change my ability to absorb and use B12.

I do not have the answers.  HOWEVER, I have someone on my team who is going to help me figure this out.  3 CHEERS to my dietitian!!!  She truly is a "knightess" riding in on her horse here to help me and my unique gut.

Yes, I have a lot more questions than answers.  But, I am not scored, nor anxious, nor nervous.  I have more knowledge now about me.  This is just another layer in the Fructose Malabsorption journey.

As my dietitian and I unravel all of these connections I will keep you posted.  

Stay tuned.  There is a lot more to share about my Fructose Malabsorption story.


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