September 12th and we are busy:  flag football games, hockey practices, tennis lessons, trumpet lessons, lots of homework and confirmation classes.  I always find the transition back-to-school and managing Fructose Malabsorption difficult.  Our summer dinners are more relaxed, not scheduled down to the minute like the fall and winter, and our grill is used most every night.  As a family we have more time to connect in the summer and I have more time to be creative when making dinner.  Last fall I created a list of my “go to” quick, easy and healthy dinners to help ease my meal prep anxiety. When I am meal planning at the beginning of each week I refer to this list and use it for a night like tonight; a night when I have 35 minutes to prep, eat and clean-up dinner in between a flag football game and hockey practice.  The key to this list is food products. Yes, food products.  I have scoured the grocery store and found many wonderful food product companies who are committed to using real food and not additives.  Over the next few months I will highlight our favorites on this list, include pictures; and I promise that each recipe will have less than 10 instructions and take a minimum amount of time to prepare. 

***Fructose Malabsorption disclaimer:  Our family has chosen to eat vegetables and fruits that have low to moderately-low levels of fructose.  We balance this low level of fructose by consuming other vegetables and fruit that are higher in glucose.  It’s all about balance, committing to eating a diverse menu and avoiding all man-made high fructose additives.  If you would like more information on sugar digestion and fructose balance please refer to my Cliff Notes® On Sugar Digestion article.  Click here if you would like more information on how to read a food label.

Everyone with Fructose Malabsorption tolerates different levels of fructose and has their own unique gut and gut voice. It is best to make a list of what feels good and what doesn’t, listen to your gut voice, and remember it is all about the daily balance. 



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